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The Full Story


Welcome to Leo's Small Engines.  We have been in the Lawn, Garden and Forestry equipment business since 1986.  Our goal has always been to make sure you have the confidence and satisfaction in all of your purchases and services needed.



With the advent of on-line and box store purchasing, you have to rely on reviews and comments found on-line or from people with little to no experience with the product.  This plus alot of time spent researching can often lead to inadequate / low quality purchases.Here at Leo's Small Engines we want to make sure the investment in the equipment you purchase is correct for your needs.  Whether it's a $150 Trimmer or a $15,000 Zero-Turn Mower, you need to feel confident in your purchase. We are here to help you with all of your equipment, accessories or parts needed.  You will not just be dealing with a Salesperson...  We are also the Mechanics working on the equipment.  We will make sure all questions and concerns are answered by our expert staff.


With over 37 years of servicing equipment, your investment will be backed by the most experienced Service Department in the area.  We do not need to take part in the "throw away" attitude the box stores and on-line buying is trying to instill on us.  All warranty and service are done in-house.  We are here to maintain and repair your equipment for years of use.Please stop by, call or contact us on-line.  We want to help you with all of your purchasing or servicing needs.

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